We started a mobile game «Cryptopball» (beta-version)......

The Classic arcade game "Pinball" - everyone used to play it and enjoy the game and kill time. With "Cryptopball" you can get the same emotions and have real game tokens which are created specifically for this game.

You depend only on your own desires and skills. Ordinary physics and programming code. You can just play and get real rewards in gaming tokens.

Game tokens created on the Waves Platform specifically for the game "Cryptoball".

Waves Platform is a decentralized ecosystem that provides blockchain tools for developing effective business processes. Since 2016, the company has been building its distributed data registry architecture, which has become established as one of the fastest in the world thanks to the Waves-NG Protocol - supporting hundreds of transactions per second. Waves integrates a decentralised crypto exchange (DEX), offering users a fast, safe and convenient way to trade tokens.

"Cryptopball" is a completely new look to the classic game that gives you the opportunity to learn more about new technologies and cryptocurrencies!

Game release coming in the Autumn 2019.

Terms and conditions for game testers

Take part in game testing can anyone. Special knowledge is not necessary. For game testing you can download and install the game from Google Play.

The Google Docs form for participation game testing is here.    Download and install the game from Google Play is here.

You can write your feedback and suggestions in Google Play.

If you want to get a bounty for testing, I recommend additionally to filling a form in Google Docs.

Also, you must have the Waves Wallet, more detailed information can be found here.

What is the bounty for gaming testing?

1. For feedback and suggestions to Google Play, you will receive 50 CTB tokens.

2. For every token purchased in the game you will get 100% cashback + from 100 to 10000 CTB tokens.

Cashback is returned only to the bank account specified by filling in forms. If a bank account is not specified, then the equivalent of the sum will be credited in game tokens to your Waves Wallet.

Example: You bought 1000 game tokens for the sum of 49.99 euros. After the game release, you will receive 49.99 euro cashback or 1000 CTB + 10000 CTB tokens. All received bounty tokens will be added to the Waves Wallet, where you can do further operations with CTB tokens.

About of the Game

What is Cryptopball?

Cryptopball is a game in which the player manipulates a small ball with the help of flippers and tries to keep him on the playing field as long as possible. The basic parts of Cryptopball are the playing field, the ball and the flippers. The main task of the game - make maximum score points and keep the ball as long within the playing field. For this you need a good reaction, a good hand-eye coordination, a cold estimation, skill and agility of your hands. The ball on the playing field accelerates speed up to 145 km / hour and its movements sometimes seem chaotic. When you learn how to play, learn the basic skills and will improve skills - you get full control over the ball. Improve your coordination and reaction and your game will last be longer and the chance to get the profit will increase!

How to play the Cryptopball?

To start a Cryptopball game, click the Play button. The game will start with a 4 second delay and the ball will show up in the top center of the playing field in a special form. During the game, the ball roll down from top with a different gravity force, this depends on the characteristics of the game ball. For control up the ball provided two flippers, which are located at the bottom of the playing field, directly above the drain.

The first task of flippers - do not let the ball rolled into the drain;

The second task is to beat off the ball in the direction of the playing field for getting the score points;

The flippers are controlled directly by touching. For each round given the five balls for the game. The game continues until the ball is on the playing field. When the last ball rolled into the drain, the game ends. The more you train, the better you possess the sighting technique and working with the flippers, then you get more points. Do not be afraid to try new techniques and improve your score! There is a some set of skills that will allow you to become a Master of the “Cryptopball” on basic instructions in the shortly time.

1. Take your time. For make a profit, you must be careful.

2. The best players in the world have a good eye.

3. Form the basis of your kick.

4. Enjoy the game.

As in any game the goal of Cryptopball - have fun and win real cryptotokens. Cryptopball is very interesting when you play good. When you fail or when you just don’t like the game, it can be very difficult. Feel when you are lucky and when you need to just get away and come back for another round in the next day.


What is registration in the game?

For confirmation of your in-game buying and the creation of game account for storing results, for storing game balls, announcement of gaming news.

Can I buy several game balls in the game?

Yes, you can buy an unlimited amount of balls, but you can play only one. Attention!!! If you bought a game ball and started to play, then with the buying and activation in the game of another ball, the playing time of the previous ball will be reset and cannot be restored. We recommend playing until the end of the playing time of each ball.

How count the score points in the game?

For each ball there is a checksum of points (Checksum), if you collect this amount in a round, it is fixed and displayed in the Scoreboard. If the checksum is not collected, it is not fixed. Fixed score points are added up and you get the total amount of score points that are converted into CTB tokens. The average example for Ball1000 is 120 minutes game time, 5 game balls, 50.000.000stbs checksum, an middle time of 3 minutes per round, total is +/- 40 rounds. If you take only the checksum that you can easily get in the game with this ball, you receive 2000 CTB tokens.

Will be added other playing fields?

Yes. Now, the game field is based on a schematic mapping of a distributed block network system (blockchain distributed ledger technology). Later will be added various configurations of playing fields, from classic pinballs to futuristic.

About game tokens

CTB gaming tokens are created on the Waves platform and have a real cost.

Will these tokens to rise in price?

Yes, it is possible. It all depends on you, your support and further development of the game.

Where can I see my tokens? You can see you’re won tokens directly in the game - The Scoreboard, The Ballshop or Tokenshop and also in your account after registration.

Where can I get my tokens? You can transfer your tokens to Waves wallet and do the operations you need.


The Ball - the game ball is the basic element of the game. Balls are divided by the score points knocked out of targets, by game time, weight and gravity force.

Drain - the area where the ball roll down. Drain is located under the flippers.

Playing field - the basic part of the game. There are targets and other elements of the game. The playing field is separated into 3 game zones. In each zone you get a certain number of score points:

Zone 1 – the maximum of score points

Zone 2 - the basic zone for score points

Zone 3 - the minimum of score points

Target - the object of the playing field, when hit into which added score points.

Multiball - on the playing field is more than one ball, max 3. (in perspective development).

Slingshot - triangular objects located at the side of the playing field, which repulse the ball in any random direction.

Flipper - an element of the game via which the player moves the ball on the playing field. The flippers are located at the bottom of the playing field.

The token (CTB) - a gaming coin that allows you to buying gaming balls with different characteristics and capabilities. 1 CTB token is equal to 1.000.000 score points (stbs).

Checksum - checksum of score points (stbs), each ball has its own checksum. During the game, the checksum is displayed before the “Drain” in gray, when it is reached, the checksum is displayed in red and fixed in the Scoreboard.


If you have any questions regarding to the project please contact us by email: teikvogames@gmail.com